Saturday, 29 June 2013


AlunaGeorge were featured in the most recent issue of twin and I think there music is worth and award! There music gives great vibes. AlunaGeorge are the 'pop duo with 2013 at its feet' my fave song from them is I know you like it it's released on the 29th of July and I can't wait to buy it on i tunes... You can listen to it on you tube and vevo though! 

Here are some pictures of various stuff to do with them! 



I recently purchased the newest issue of Twin magazine, this issue has the stunning model - Yumi Lambert on the front. I purchased this issue from olive but you can probably get it online! Here are some pictures...

Friday, 28 June 2013

Hey little rich girl

So in may I went to see the specials... It was amazing, I was in the front row... Lynval Golding dedicated the song hey little rich girl to me #bestmomentofmylife! So Here are some pictures... I wish I could show you the videos but my links aren't working... I did put a video on YouTube it's called hey little rich girl and my account is called EMM1616 if u fancy having a look! 

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Don't stop shopping

I'm trying to get back up to speed with blogging so hopefully you will be seeing a lot of me in the months to come! While I have been being lazy on the blogging I have been doing rather a lot of shopping so here is a not so small haul... Enjoy

I bought this super cute little Moroccan bowl from Stroud.

 I also got this really cute necklace in Stroud.

I got this huge pencil case from paperchase although its still didn't hold all my stationary! 

This awesome Aztec bag is from urbanoutfitters... I love it! 
I got another beautiful mac lipstick its a satin in Cherish.

I got this little skirt from olive and I love it! 

A cute new rug from urbanoutfitters.

A new read... 

And my biggest buy recently and iPhone 4! (My new obsession)  

Around about my house

These are my favourite things I see everyday around my house! 
First of all the cutest dog in the world...
Hockney's dog Little Boodge isn't bad either! 
Cacti corner! 
Mexican blanket and Navago rug. 
 Plenty of books...
Jack Light by Tom Dixon.
Imbroglio Calendar by Jean Pierre Vitrac (designed in 1972).
My fave - Eames Lounge Chair. 

Adios amigos! 

Happy days

We need to catch up... 
So here are some pictures of my life from the past few months! 
I went to see the specials which was amazing... But that's a whole other post!
I have had some great times with some new friends 
I got an iPhone ( YAY ) 
Did a lot of instagraming!

Listened some great tunes! #lovethisong

And... Got a haircut! 

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